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Blooming in every season.

Brittany Bloom was destined to spread the gift of her unique voice and personality since she was a child. This southern sweetheart was born and raised in Florence, South Carolina where she began singing as a tiny tot in her church’s sunbeam choir. She feels that she got her singing pipes from both sides of her family. She admires her late Aunt “Pie” who performed with the legendary Niles Rodgers and the band Chic. Bloom states, “Even though I was from a small town, I knew that singing for a living was possible since I saw firsthand how my Aunt made it to the bright lights and the television screen. She made me feel like I could make it too!” She has been making her living as a professional singer since 2012, traveling all around the world and singing with various bands and artists. 

Bloom started songwriting at the age of 13, when her sister discovered this hidden talent of hers. Her sister was impressed with her lyrics and voice and pushed Bloom to pursue her dreams even though their parents were very skeptical. Bloom used her 20 year old sibling and a few of her sister’s college friends as an audience for the first few songs she wrote. After impressing them, even with their notable age difference, Bloom definitely gained the courage she needed to pursue her dreams of singing for the masses as a career and no longer a hobby.

Brittany Bloom has been performing on stages all across the world including Atlanta, NYC, Las Vegas, Nashville, Hawaii to Dubai, Asia, Mexico and many more. Bloom has been holding down her career as a professional singer for the last 12 years, sharing stages with multi-Grammy Award winning artists and American Idols. She has performed for huge stadiums, festivals, cruise ships, corporate events, weddings, clubs, lounges and more, even performing at pre-Oscar events in 2017.

Bloom has had some heavy hitters join in to help create her debut single – the leading track from her upcoming EP scheduled for release in Fall 2022. Multi-Grammy Award winning producer the late Alvin Speights notes, “What’s unique about her is that she doesn’t sound like any other artist. She has her own sound and that’s important.” Speights has been her mixing engineer and he also recorded some of her vocals. Another Multi Grammy Award winner Glenn Schick, has mastered some of her songs. Bloom is also a songwriter, and wrote on her songs upon finding a new love after having a few failed relationships.

Since moving to Atlanta and having the opportunity to work with many industry executives along with prominent musicians, she has been introduced to a wider scope of music which has influenced her sound. After her first promo tour in North America in 2018, Bloom is sure to continue giving you variety and is excited about showcasing her sound in the next upcoming singles.

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